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? About Muscle Loss


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I've lost a great deal of muscle strength in my hands, arms, legs, and abdomen. I've started doing hand exercises (using hand grips), and this is helping me to rebuild up some of the strength I lost over the past few years. Plus I am moving my lower legs (pretend bicycle motion) in an attempt to keep at least the lower legs mobile. I'm not sure if I will ever recover the abdominal muscle that has been lost. I can't lie back or sit up without going through some interesting contortions. :shock: I keep telling myself that once I'm through with chemo I'll find a way to rebuild those lost abdominals.

I don't quite have the respiratory reserves to deal with "real" exercise yet.

Soon...I keep telling myself soon.

Fay A.

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Ask your Doc about physical therapy and occupational therapy.

My husband became so weak he could hardly stand. The therapy is making a BIG difference. Our PT works on the legs and OT works on the arms and hands.

We saw a neurologist and he told us that the Chemo causes nerve damage, which affects the blood supply, which causes the loss of muscle.

Complicated but the therapy is working. He said do serious therapy for more than the 8 weeks that are usually prescribed.

Try it. It will only help.

He also said make him a lot of the high protein milk shakes. I almost forgot that part.

Good luck


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My dad really needed physical therapy too as he had lost alot of muscle and strength and was so weak. However, he waited too long. It wasn't until he was in the hospital and the PT came to him and then he only had two days of PT.

You need to ask your doctor about it and having it done regularly. I know some spouses who were thought PT techniques and move their spouses legs and arms several times a day. It does make a big difference and the stronger you are physically determines how well you will handle treatments and this disease.

Am praying for the Duke, and for all of you.

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