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Thank God and Everyone Here!!


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their well wishes and support over the last few months.

My dad got his results today from his CT scan last week and GOOD NEWS!!

His tumor has shrunk more than half!!! Surgery still looks out of the question but the doctor said that he isnt even sure that there is any cancer in the tumor that is still there!

Overall it looks like Dad just has to go in every three months for a checkup to see if there is any new growth..so basically he is now "living with cancer" but at least he is living!!!!

He looks good ( even his hair is growing back ), he feels good and I am so grateful to still have him in my life.

I love my daddy!!!

Thank you again everyone for being there for me...I will not abandon this site..hopefully in the months ahead I wont be in need of prayers again but if I do I know that you wonderful people will be here for me again, and in the meantime I will still be here for you!


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Hugs to your dad. Congratulations!!

I have a soft spot for that protocol in my heart. When it works, in conjunction with the radiation, it kicks butt.

It is the reason I am here today.

Miracles happen.

I am so happy for your dad and you. Be happy. Rejoice. and believe...



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