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Tarceva and Hair Loss?


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Has anyone experienced hair loss with use of Tarceva? My hair is coming out in bundles.....I started Tarceva in June, but I also have a low thyroid right now that I am in the process of regulating and I'm pretty thin. Not sure what to attribute the hair loss to but wondering if Tarceva is playing a roll. Any thoughts??? :roll:

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My mom was on Tarceva for a while and she started losing her hair. She said every time she would comb it over the bathroom sink the basin would be full of little hairs. It thinned a bit , but not all came out. She has been off of it for about a month now and she's not losing as many. We didn't know if it was from the Tarceva or a delayed reaction to the anethesia used in surgery in May.


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I have had spurts of losing hair on Tarceva. Strangely though, I lost just a little 1/2" all around my face and neck and nothing else. My doc didn't say why....she just smiled and said who knows what caused it.

For the most part, my hair just grows really really slowly!


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