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I just saw your site and wanted to introduce myself. My father-inlaw was just diagnosed with stage vi andocarcinoma bone and lung cancer. He is 68 yrs old and up until a few weeks ago, except for a cough he has had for 4 months he wasn't sick at all. What is the normal prognosis for this type of cancer. He is going to onocologist on tuesday.

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Hi Cyndy: welcome to our site. You'll find a lot of inspiration and support here from folks who've walked the road you are just starting on. My hubby was 69 at diagnosis and although the first oncologist told him there was no hope, we found another onc who was more aggressive (see profile)

Anyway, that was 17 months ago and right now he's out fishing.

It's a scary diagnosis and a scary disease, but it is treatable. Keep posting on his reports and his progress and let us know how we can help you.

Good Luck & God Bless.......wendyr

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Hi Cindy,

Sorry about your father-in-law, but glad you found us. I think you'll find lots of information and support here. Some hope, too.

The first thing that will probably happen - if it hasn't already - is that the oncologist will want a CT scan, and a PET scan, a pulmonary function test (that's easy). He'll probably recommend chemo and/or radiation to kill the tumors or reduce their size. That will probably provide some relief from any pain he may have.

As for the prognosis: Nobody knows! Five-year survival statistics are based on people diagnosed five years ago. Lots has happened since then. Please don't pay any attention to those statistics. They aren't useful. We have lots of people here who have survived far, far longer than the statistics predicted.

Do you know which came first (the bone cancer or the lung cancer)?

Let us know how the Oncologist visit goes and how he is doing.


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Wecome Cyndy, sorry to hear about your father in law, but you've found a great place to ask questions and receive all kinds of support. Please keep us posted on things after you see the oncologist. Stay positive and make sure your father in law and the rest of the family does as well. Statistics are numbers based on data from years ago. My mom and family pay no attention to them at all. Good luck! Shelley

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