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My body - Snap Crackle Pop?


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Ok fellow survivors I know this is going to sound really stupid......But

Does your body make weird noises when you move?

I swear I turn my head to look at something and everyone within 6 feet of me turns to stare at me beause my neck makes the weirdest popping noise. It doesnt hurt and it doesn't feel like something is in the wrong spot - it just sounds horrible. Similiar pops happen all over my body too (especially my jaw).

Is this just a sign of getting older (I will be 43 - soon) or a side effect of all of the treatments? I wonder about the `12 months of zometa I got after I had bone mets.

On the flip side, I am not complaining because I am still hanging out with ned!

Any thoughts?


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You know Wendy, this was talked about on the board many moons ago if I remember. Someone else had this same issue. Now if you want me to tell you who that was, HA HA HA HA HA my brain goes snap crackle and pop.

But I will say I too make weird noises ever since my last open heart surgery. My neck does it somewhat, and my back does it too. My knees really make ishy noises when I walk up stairs, but that's been going on for many many moons for me. The other noises are new for me.

I guess we can't sneak around anymore without being heard. :roll::P:lol: (can you hear me now??) LOL

So, are we going to celebrate the UPCOMING birthday??? :D:D:D See you for lunch Thursday. :wink:

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