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Another update - advice, prayers, thoughts needed!


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*Posted Tuesday, 9/25*

SO, dad had his first chemo treatment last wednesday, everything seemed to be fine until he started getting abdominal pains. Decided to take a compazine and the pains got TERRIBLE. He blamed it on the pill. Dr said try the Zofran. Dad would not take it. He stopped eating and drinking and suffered through Friday night in pain. Perked up a little on Saturday and then suffered all Saturday night and looked like living hell by by Sunday. Called the dr, they said bring him to ER.

Well, dad has had a hernia for about 5 years now. Was supposed to have it operated on 2 years ago but didn't, and has blown it off since then. The coughing from the cancer started to bother it and I guess it got to the point that it caused an intestional blockage.

After tons of tests and being admitted to the respitory ICU early Monday morning, they decided they had no choice but to operate lastnight. I was so worried he wouldn't make it through the operation but he did and surgeon said everything went great and he tolerated surgery well.

Today he is in the surgical ICU and on a ventilator. It is horrible. He can't talk or move because his arms are tied down. The pulmonary dr told us his left lung (where his cancer is) is not looking good and had lots of fluid. He performed a bronchoscopy today and tried to suction out the fluid but could only get so much because of the tumor. The follow up xray shows the fluid is basically still there. Now the plan is to take him off the vent and get him moving around tomorrow to get the fluid up and out of the lung.


Dad is STILL on the damn ventilator and we have had one stroke of bad luck after the next. Every time they have tried to get him off the vent he FREAKS. He claims he can't breathe and they are going to kill him. The thing is, he is breathing on his own, he just needs oxygen. So the plan was to get him off and put him on oxygen. Well they changed the settings to start the weaning process and he FREAKS. I am not sure at this point if it is anxiety or if he really can't breathe?

The tumor is completely blocking his left lung which has partially collapsed. The decided to treat him with radiation a few times to shrink the tumor just enough to get the stent in his lung to open it up. The messed up part is that he has only had ONE radiation treatment so far. They tried last thursday but he got too anxious and they had to stop. Friday they got a treatment in. But, did you know they don't do radiation on the weekends? I mean, come on! The longer his lung stays collapsed the more problems we could have.

They have also talked about lasering it or using brachytherapy. The hospital he is in still does not have state approval for brachytherapy so barring a miracle from the state of NJ :roll: that probably won't happen.

I can't STAND these drs and hospitals anymore. I feel like they have done nothing for him this past week as he lays, not able to move, not able to talk, not able to eat, and as he gets weaker and more defeated every day. It is horrible to watch. Oh, and he is at the Cancer Institute of NJ (what a joke). Can you tell I am losing my patience?

Please, please send thoughts that tomorrow something goes RIGHT and they can open up the lung and get him off the vent. I am assuming at this point that is the only way they can get him off. I am going early tomorrow to catch all his drs when they make rounds. If you don't catch them when they come around you are screwed.

Thanks for any thoughts, prayers, input, etc!

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Saying a prayer that the doctors will be able to quickly figure out the best plan of treatment,so your dad can start feeling better.

No wonder he's anxious and fearful.

Take care of yourself. I can't imagime the stress you must be going thru. :(


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I am sorry your Dad is having such a hard time. My Dad was on a vent a few times. I wonder what kind of meds your Dad is on? We found out that Ativan+morphine made my Dad freak out. He had routinely been on that combo in 2005 and "talked" (he had a trach) really crazy until he was off of the vent and therefore those meds. We found this out last year when he was put on a BiPAP when he went into respiratory distress. We could understand him more then and we quickly figured out what the problem was. They had told me it was ICU psychosis in 2005 but now I believe it was the medicine. No more morphine and he was his usual sweet self. If they gave him morphine and ativan as a potentiator, he was a wild man. Just a thought...I hope all goes well for you guys.

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Dad now has pnuemonia. He is doing horribly. Oxygen levels are in the 60's. They have been radiating the tumor daily and now they want to add a very low dose of chemo to help with the radiation. I am not 100% on board with this idea and plan to speak with the dr tomorrow. He is SO weak already, but they HAVE to get that other lung open. I was told today by my freind who is an oncology nurse at the hospital that it is "do or die time". *Sigh*

I am so devastated. Plwase send thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

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