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pass for a week, +/-, New and final update 10/16


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Just to let everyone know I will not be here for a while beginning tomorrow evening. I have been sick all summer with a couple of different blood issues, one being severe anemia and in August I had a really painful gallbladder attack. I will be having surgery on Wednesday to remove the gallbladder and hopefully resolve some of the other issues, too. It has been a long, long scary and painful summer for me. Hoping and praying this surgery will be the solution. Any spare prayers would be so much appreciated.

I HOPE to be back in about a week.....

Best to all


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They have come a long ways over the years in removing gallbladders. :wink: I had mine removed about 6 years ago and it was a cake walk for me. Hope the same goes for you. Your in and out within hours. Times are a changin.

Hope your feeling better soon. Take care and check back when your feeling up to it.

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Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I had really hoped to be back here and back to at least something that resembles normal by now but unfortunately neither of those things appear to be in the cards for me quite yet.

I had my initial surgery on the 3rd as planned and had a couple of complications but nothing that seemed to be too bad. I was discharged and hubby and my Mom brought me home and all was ok until I began to have a delayed, severe reaction to the anesthesia (uncontrollable nausea, vomiting, etc) I was re~admitted to the hospital for a few more days and treated for some serious dehydration. I was discharged, again, Sunday afternoon.

I am still in a lot of pain and saw my surgeon today. I was to have the drain removed but now there seems to be more problems as it is looking like I have bile leaking from the liver and UGHHHH. I am home for now until we figure out this latest twist.

I guess I better extend my pass for another week +/- and could really, really use some positive thoughts and prayers if you could spare some...

Thanks so much everyone.. have you all in my thoughts and prayers


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Thinking of you Christine and sending healing prayers.

I feel for you and want you to know how bad I feel for all the BS you have been going through. I can't wait for the day (real soon) when this will be behind you and you are on your way to rest and heal and of course most important, pain free.

Keep us posted.


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Hi Everyone

Thanks so much for the wonderful messages here. I appreciate them all so much.

I am doing better, still not back to 100% which is frustrating but every day is better and better. I had the liver function test last Friday and everything came back normal so I got that horrible drain removed from my tummy. That was an enormous relief! Now I am just still healing from all of the incisions (5 in total, some bigger than others) and the bruising has really begun to diminish. Who'd ever believe all of these complications from what was supposed to be a minor, routine surgery?? Yikes.

I have been reading the posts and will get caught up in the next few days. I just wanted to say thanks and let everyone know I am doing better and will be getting back to somewhat of a normal routine in the coming days.



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