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In Need of Prayers and Support


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Hi All -

It's been awhile since I have posted, but things had been pretty stable with Mom. Since things had been ok, we had all decided to go on a family vacation the week of Sept. 23rd. Mom had been experiencing loss of use in her left hand fingers. Dr. said to call if it didn't get better. I had done some research and found that this was common among patients that have had Taxol. So we chalked it up to that. Well, she never regained use and on the 20th she went to the Dr. He ordered a Brain MRI and it came back with Mets to the brain. We are absolutely DEVASTATED! Her ONC Dr. had told us that we are fine as long as the cancer doesn't go up. And now it has. We decided to go on vacation anyways, against drs. orders. Mom kept billing this as her last vaction so we had to go. I have been reading all the posts regarding Mets to the brain and WBR just to get more info. She has an appointment for Wednesday 10/3 with the Radiation Dr. to see what the plan is going to be.

Just Looking for Prayers and Support....

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My husband also has squamous cell cancer, diagnosed at Stage 2B a year ago. He also had a fairly large brain met in April, had brain surgery to remove it, and then follow up whole brain radiation this summer. Though we were also devastated at the development of a brain met, we have found that life goes on. Now that he is finished with the brain surgery and radiation and has had some time to truly recover, we are once again living a fairly normal day to day life. Please understand that this is a pretty common LC development, and is treatable, either with resection, focused radiation, whole brain radiation, or some combination of any of these. Don't let the term "brain mets" scare you, and know that life does go on. Keep us posted. Mary Colleen

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My dad doesn't have Squanomous Cell--but upon diagnosis of his Stage IV NSCLC, we found out that he had brain mets. Actually, 7 of them. He's had WBR and Sterostatic radiation to get rid of the mets. That was 6 months ago. Since then, some of the mets are gone and others are stable. We pray that it stays that way.

I know how scary it is to hear about brain mets...but please don't lose hope. They are treatable.

In strength,


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I am very sorry your family is dealing with the news

of brain mets. My husband Alan had a brain met and I

was devastated when the Drs told me. Alan had a single met near his brain stem.

Alan was treated with WBR and IMRT and I am happy to

say that was over 2 years ago. Alan is a 2.5 year

survivor of extensive small cell.

I will be praying for your family.

please keep us posted.

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My mom had Brain nets also. She had 10 treatment of Whole head Rad. We took her to Lexington to see Dr. B Young and had gamma knife on Aug 10th so far so good. She will have another MRI in Nov.

I found this site in Dec 2006 but I just joined today.

Each time I need to know something I would find the answer here. I feel like I know all of the reg posters.

Now I need to learn how to post Moms treatments.

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UPDATE: 10/4/07

So we saw the raditaion dr. 10/3 (Wednesday) and got the low down on the Mets to the brain.

Mom has 2 mets, 1 "medium" size tumor located on the left side and one very, very small one in the back of her brain. The one that we are concerned about of course is the "medium" one. It did show a considerable amount of swelling around the tumor, which of course was causing the loss of use in her left hand. They have her on 4mg Decadron 2x a day to help ease the swelling and regain use of her hand again.

This time around Mom is very receptive to me going to her appointments with her, cooking for her, etc. I asked soooo many questions of the Dr. I almost think that she was getting annoyed! This board really helped me gather my thoughts and questions that I wanted to ask the doctor.

We are doing 15 rounds of Whole Brain Radiation, 1x a day for 3 weeks. The Drs. seem VERY optimistic that this treatment will control and even eliminate these Mets. We haven't spoken with her Onc. Dr yet about whether or not he is going to continue with Alimta chemo treatments or stop them. We will find that out next week.

Thank you to everyone for your support and prayers.

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Thanks for the update, Chesney. Sounds like a good plan is in place for the brain mets. Glad your mom is allowing you to go to appointments with her. This board really is a god send , isn't it? It has helped me many times in the past as well. Keep us updated and know that my prayers are with you both.


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