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Awaiting biopsy results, but question about that


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Hi MichiganLisa,

The biopsy is to tell whether its cancer or not and to stage it. Depending if it is and what stage it is there are different options for people. I hope your mom's biopsy comes back negative for cancer and she and you won't have to worry too much.

Take Care,


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yes the biopsy is a means of examining the offending tumor cells. Fundamentally your statement is correct: the biopsy sample is tested so as to determine the cell type that has become cancerous. From the biopsy they can determine if the cancer is a lung primary and if so, what sub-type of lung cell has gone awry. accordingly, they will tell you if the cancer is small cell or non-small cell---if it is non small cell it can be adenocarcinoma, squamous cell cancer or giant cell cancer, with adeno being the most common. they will tell you this as well.

They will also tell you the cell differentiation. I've never been quite clear on what it actually means though i suspect it has to do with the extent to which the tumor cells can be distinguished from surrounding healthy tissue. Here there are three possibilities: poor, moderate and well differentiated. The better differentiated the better.

Finally, assuming the biopsied tumor is lung cancer, a pet/ct scan and possibly an MRI will be needed to determine whether and where metastisis have occurred.

best, please keep us posted.

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Thank you for your replies. I have read the results of the biopsy from my Mother's lung. Haven't spoken to any doctor yet though. It mentions "adenocarcinoma" and "moderately differentiated".

So I will begin research on these subjects so I will be more informed when I go with my Mother to the oncologist next week.

Also, Adrian, from your post I am going to assume that adenocarcinoma means that this tumor is primary to the lung because these are lung cells that have gone awry. Excuse my ignorance if I am not making any sense.

Thanks again, Lisa

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hi Lisa,

Yes, I believe that means that it is most likely a lung primary---specificially of the cells which generate mucuous.

In terms of treatment regimen etc., the key question is now: "is surgery an option?" Though tumor size is relevant to that possibility, the main issue is the cancer staging based on the existence or non-existence of spread to lymph nodes or other organs which will be determined from a pet/ct and mri.

Best, please ask any questions you want, we are all still in the process of learning what this disease is and how to deal with it.

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