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Update on husband, Jack


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We are in our last 2 weeks of Jack's radiation therapy. He has really had no problems other than the extreme fatigue now. He is not able to work at this time. His last of the 35 treatments will be on October 15. He has had no throat issues yet and has not lost his appetite so his weight has remained pretty stable.

I asked the radiation oncologist last week if the treatments he was receiving was to just shrink the tumor and buy time or if we were going for a cure. He said that we were going for a cure since it had not spread to the lymph nodes. That made me feel much better.

Jack still has a terrible cough and is coughing up lots of phlegm. No fevers and just clear phelgm. We say that he is coughing up the tumor that is being killed from the radiation. He is having some shoulder pain in his right shoulder but since nothing showed up on the PET scan we feel it might be caused from the continual coughing and maybe arthritis and possibly from the radiation. He also lays on that shoulder all the time when he sleeps. The tumor that they are radiating is in the left lung tho.

Jack said he just feels so achy. Any of you who completed radiation - is that how you felt?

It will be a great day when treatment is finished and then we will head to the beach on the 20th for a few days of r & r. I think the salt air and time to just veg and rest will do us all good!!

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