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2 years and counting


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Hello all;

I let it get by me this year. I've survived 2 years with this nasty thing in my body and plan to go many more. I am now on Tarceva and have the rash to prove it. I had a small stroke at the end of August hich messed up my balance and eyesight. It's hard to see the letters on the computer or on paper. I'm getting around it but it is stilll rough. I can't drive anymore so I'm stuck at home. The Onc called in hospice because they are afraid I'll fall or have another stroke and no one will be around for hours. Since my wife works I guess it's a good idea to have someone look in on me. I wish every one well. I'll try to post more often but it is difficult when you have a hard time seeing the letters on the screen.


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I'm typing BIG for you Ralph!!!! Congrats on 2 years......that's quite a milestone. Good idea to have someone keeping an eye on you. I bet pretty soon you'll be able to be on your own. No driving is sure a bummer, but hey!!!! Look at you 2 years later! I'm sending a great big pat on the back to ya!


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