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Another visit with my sister

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I left Baton Rouge on Thursday morning to go and stay with my sister a few days and visit with my family. Families are a wonderful thing. I just don't know what I would do without mine.

Beverly is in good spirits and seems to be feeling better. She talked to me a little more than usual and told me that she doesn't like to tell me things because she doesn't want to upset me. I can only hope that I would be as caring about others, as she is while she is so sick. She cried a little and told me she is getting tired of being tired. She lays in bed all day, everyday, because she becomes exhausted when she does anything. She has to take a break after showering, before she can dress. It is hard to see her like this. It is hard to see her on oxygen. She is forever optimistic that she will be feeling better soon and will be back to normal. I hope she is right. Her doctor told her she would feel better by the end of October.

I am sorry to be rambling, I just wanted to write about her and now I am crying and unable to. I will write some later.

I hope all is well for everyone.



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Hi Bobby,

I know how hard it is to see someone you love who is usually strong suddenly become weak and unable to do everyday things. It's heartbreaking -- I empathize with your tears. Please stay strong and tell Bev to keep that wonderful fighting spirit of hers.


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