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Prayers for "brain power", please


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I've been spoiled for the last 14 years. I was able to stay home and be a full time Mommy and housewife. (I also did all of the yard work on our acre and a half, stained the wooden siding on the house when needed, re-roofed it, built porches, hung doors, raised poultry, etc). :wink:

I was a CNA many years ago, but my State Certificate has lapsed because I haven't worked in such a long time.

I have to go back to work now, at least part time, so I'm attending the month-long CNA Course at the adult Ed. Center.

I'm not at all worried about passing it, but they reminded me that I have to take the TABE test, before I can even go on to the CNA class.

I have a Math phobia! I HATE it!

Fractions blow my mind! I get all confused about which ones to invert, which ones to divide and then multiply, etc., etc.

What if I fail the Math part of the test??? :oops: ???

PLEASE pray that the Lord will guide my hand and mind, because otherwise I'm doomed! I'm not concerned with the Language, English or writing part of the test, as I always made good grades in those.

I'm too old to go back to school, and my mind is a bit overwhelmed right now, with all that's going on, so pray for courage for me too!

Thanks all, I appreciate you guys!



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You have my prayers and thoughts and good vibes from Orlando.....and it's pouring rain here so when it comes to your area, you'll probably lose internet again.....so if you do, know that I'm praying all I can that you do well and get re-certified. I'm sure it will all come back to you. Many blessings for you, Harry and Jacob.

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I know you'll do just fine. Just take your time, don't rush, as I tell my girls, you don't have to be perfect. I can relate alot to what you're going thru, I was lucky to be at home w/ my girls, but now after Carlton passed away I need a career, not just a "job", that's why I am trying to study for my law school entrance exam, but I can't over worry, I'll study a little bit, get my thoughts organized and do the best I can do.

I wish all the best....you're going to be OK!

take care,


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I realized that I was declaring defeat before I even "tried"! LOL! (I just REALLY don't like anything other then Basic Math!)

And really, what the heck difference does it make if I fail a test anyway? There's a first time for everything, (I've never failed one before), and it's not like they'll execute me if I mess up!! :roll:

If I fail, I fail. So Be It!

(I'll go to school to be a brain surgeon instead of a CNA, that's all! :D:wink: )

Like Teri said, If it's meant to be, I'll pass. If not, then there must be something better out there for me ~ (that doesn't involve taking a Math test! LOL)!

Keep those fingers crossed for me though, please. I've already talked to the Agency I use to work for, and my old job is there if I need it, so that's a big blessing.

Thank you all for the uplifting words.

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As a part-time snowbird-type Florida person, I believe I did read that execution is the penalty for failing a TABE test. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

I know what you mean about basic math. (I'm down to relying on my fingers and toes lately!) I'm sure you'll do fine. Good luck and prayers for brain function!


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Debi, thank you for the kind words, my friend!!! :D:D:D hahahhahahahhaha!! :D:D !!!!!

In the wonderful State of Florida, NOTHING would surprise me!!!! Maybe it's their way of getting rid of any useless, extra "non-math-able" people in the population!!! :D ("non-math-able" is an old word that I just made up!) :wink:

Kasey, I have a brilliant idea! You and I look enough alike, that YOU could go take the test FOR me!! :P !!! Then I wouldn't have to worry at all! Free trip to Florida, and I'll cook my famous chicken and dumplings for you! Take you to Disney, let you sit on the beach all day, do your laundry......

Lord Help Me!!!!! :shock:

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Oh Nova, I would love to come to Florida and taste your dumplings and sit on the beach :lol: . BUT I'm not too sure about passing your test :? !!!!! I'd give it a shot, but would really be bummed out to FAIL it for you :shock: . You are going to do just fine.....because that is the way it's supposed to be!!!

When is it? We can do tutoring sessions here. Let's start with an analogy.....leaf is to tree as hair is to ___________.


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I'm going in Cold Turkey, tomorrow afternoon at 1 o'clock.....

I thought I'd give myself a quick "Crash Course" today, so I looked up a webpage that actually had the nerve to call itself; "Math is Fun" :?:shock:

I was so confused by the time I tried to figure out what the heck they were talking about, that I deleted the page! (Run, Forest, Run !)

I'm just going to march in there tomorrow,(in total fear), and do the best I can.

(If you don't hear from me for a year or two, it's because I'm hiding under the table in shame!!) :(

Seriously, thank you all for the prayers.

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