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Getting to Know You - October 2


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Fall is definitely my favorite season. I really loved this time of year when I lived in Tennessee, as the leaves in our area were absolutely beautiful when they changed colors. Although our Fall here in Florida is much like Summer in some parts of the country, I still love it. Our weather begins to cool down. This means I can turn off the AC and raise the windows. Oh...let's not forget football! I can spend an entire weekend watching football!!! I love the fact that crafts shows get going now and last through the Christmas season. I love Halloween...and Thanksgiving. Wow...can you tell I love Fall?

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Although we do not have a true "changing of the seasons" here in So Cal

the air is crisper. Also I live for college football. Alan and I have no problem

spending the day watching college football.

Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday. My entire

family is together (and my birthday is right around

Thanksgiving). I am one of the few people who loves

their birthday, and with my whole family around it

doesn't get any better. :P

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I love the beautiful fall colors. I lived for so long where I couldn't experience the seasons change that I really appreciate everything about it. There are also all of the beautiful memories and some painful ones of that Autum 5 years ago that I spent in Washington with my Johnny.

Each afternoon we would go for a ride. Often we would see a road we hadn't been on and just ride to see where it went. The colors that I loved were mixed with the evergreens that he loved. It was so special to share. He told me one time that he had lived there for over 40 years but had never really noticed the colored leaves and how pretty they are until he started seeing them through my eyes.

Yes I think Fall is my favorite season.

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I love: the way the sky looks in the fall... The smell of fireplaces being lit for the first time.. the changing colors of the leaves... not having to have the lawn mowed as frequently.... the sun going down earlier so you don't feel guilty not doing something after work...the crispness of the air .. the open windows ... big fat pumpkins ... Halloween ... huge pots of mums for the front porch ... new fall clothes..

as you can see, fall is my favorite time of the year also..

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