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A prayer for a miricle please


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Mums pain seems to just get worse. She does still have good days and bad days though. She had a scan on Monday and we are getting the results tomorrow. At this stage I am prayer for a miricle from someone above. My poor mum I just feel so awful for her. why is life so awful to some people?

Please anyone think of her in your prayers tonight.


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You are all amazing thank you so much for your replies and your prayers, it means so much. We got a little good news today, the onc says the tumor has shrunk a very small bit, this is such great news for us because we are just so happy it isnt getting any bigger. This news to me was like a miricle .. or someone was answering all our prayers, because till now it worse and worse and more and more bad news.

I will think of you all in my prayers too.

Thank you all again, together we can help each other i hope.

take care :)

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She is taking loads of different medication. The thing is it does work but then gradually the pain comes back again, and they up the dose, and then it works again for a while. They just upped the dose the other day again and she has been ok. She has started Radiation on the spine now too so hopefully that will help her.

Thanks for your mail.

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