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Getting to Know You - October 3


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I did pretty well in most subjects, but then again... I was a BIG geek in school. My favorites were art and english. I hated math and science, but did really well in it without trying too hard. Probably why I'm an accountant now. But I always thought it was boring and hated it.

Now that I am thinking about it... I SUCKED at music classes. In fact on the first day of school my chorus teacher had each student come forward and sing a little bit at the piano so she could determine what vocal range you were and where your placement should be on the risers in the chorus. After I sang, she told me to just stand anywhere on the risers I wanted, next to anyone I was friends with because it wouldn't matter, I'd be lip-synching for every recital. :oops::oops::oops:

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LOL! What a horrid question, after I just had to take that nasty test! :D

I made B's and C's all the way thru school in Math. (mostly C's !) I hated it 25 years ago, and I STILL hate it! :wink:

Anything to do with Language, Writing, English, Spelling, etc., I loved , and made good grades in.

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