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Brain Mets and MRI


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My husband went about 6 weeks after the end of WBR. We were told that it was best to wait that long in order for treatment related changes to settle down. By the way, he had some really pronounced neuro symptoms at that point. Both I and the doctor thought he may have another met - he didn't. Since then, those symptoms have improved a lot. MC

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Maybe different because Col only had one single, albeit large, brain met that was removed with surgery. Then WBR. then I think a scan every 3 months Thru June. Next one in end Oct. / beginning Nov. He would do them more often if we asked and at one point in there we requested one, but we're comfortable with our current schedule.

If you think you need them more often tell them. If you think you would need them less often tell them that. We do lung scans every three months. Seems like you get a good comparison at that time frame, dr's opinion, but I agree.

Plus it gives us almost two and a half months to enjoy life without SCANXIETY!!!!

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Thank you guys. I finished my treatments about 2 weeks ago and they are not wanting to scan until December 7 but we are leaving for Disney World and so I told them to wait until I got back because I did not want to worry about anything while I was gone. Anyways I just did not know if 2 and 1/2 months was to long. You know I think everything will be fine and if not then I will take care of it then. Thank you guys again.

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