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a spare prayers please


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Connie..my friend...Many thoughts and prayer's going your way....I missed the post also to what is going on...but whatever it is...I know you will deal with it and be fine...You are the most inspirational person I know...hugs and more hugs...

God Bless...Pam

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Hi All,

I have been dealing with some very serious shortness of breath. (at least to me it's serious because I am so limited as to what I can and can't do. Long story short, I go in the 9 & 19 of Oct for an TEE and an Angiogram. They will go down my throat on Tues., (TEE) and on Wed., they will do the angiogram. I know this has to be done so we can get to the root of all this heart stuff. (God willing) I have spent MONTHS and MONTHS trying to get a doctor to HEAR ME! And low and behold I found one. He told me we are going to start with a PLAN and the plan starts NOW. YIPPEE!! I feel good about having a plan, but I have to admit I am somewhat scared about the Angiogram. I am at a high risk for doing this because of all that I have been through so far with my heart. So, it's scary stuff. But I am at high risk for a heart attack or stoke if we do nothing.

Most of the heart problems I have are caused from Radiation treatments and scare tissue from past surgeries. Not to mention my grafts from my double by pass could very well be plugged. The mitral valve leak they will get a good look at it this way but won't be able to fix it during any of these prodedures. So, this is what I am going in for.

Thanks everyone for your support.

I'm a little scared by this, but I am hopeful.

Thank you All for your love & suuport.

Katie will keep you inform.

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Connie I am sending you Extra Extra love and prayers as you go through all these tests.

I am so inpired by you, you're such a strong woman so I know you will come through this with amazingly well.

God Please hold our Connie close to your heart and protect her, provide her with the blessings of good health and good doctors as we all here hold her close in our hearts and will hold her up to you in prayer.

Love you Connie

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