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Tippin the tuesday nite Bartender


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We know how much we all appreciate everything that Randy does for us here at LCSC...Researching, sharing support and wisdom, moderating Tuesday nite chats..

So let's show our appreciation and send him a little (or huge) donation. I, for one, am looking forward to meeting Randy in Charlotte on November 17th. Ya'll come on down and join us!! Thanks Randy, Ellie

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All Fixed And THANKS KASEY :lol::lol: for either 1 or 2nd place not sure. Fred and Maryanne are my In-laws Debs brother and sis in law. :D:wink:

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Look at my Signature and you will see Under Mochas Picture where it says "Help fight the Disease" Click on link and you will be redirected. Or top post and where the Link is to be redirected. HAVE FUN IN BUENOS AIRES!!!!!!!!!

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WAY TO GO RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you ever thought about being a professional fund raiser?? We're awfully glad you're part of the North Carolina/Charlotte team.

Sorry Guys, he's a Tarheel now and we get to keep him down south. Ernie, I promise that there will be pictures posted. Ellie

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