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Inez and I just want to say hello to everyone and to wish you all great October. For any baseball fans out there, must say that we are very happy in Arizona. Sorry about the Cubbies. Started as a Brooklyn Dodger fan years ago. They moved so became Mets fan, I moved and now am Diamondback fan. Went to the second playoff game and we had a lot of fun. Certainly kept my mind off my health problems for awhile. An hour ago got a call from a friend in Toronto who was told yesterday he has prostate cancer and you all know how devestating that can be the first time you hear that dreaded word. Tried to give him all the support I could and hopefully he will, in time start to feel better.Thinking about him and all of our problems that we are fighting through, and Inez and I both still feel very lucky to have each other, great family, great friends and all of you wonderful and caring people at both this support group and the prostate support group. Wish the world in general would care more about each other, than maybe we would not have so many wars. Unfortunately, power and money seems to creep in there. Well, feel better I wrote these few words. Again, we are grateful for your caring and your support. Stay positive, keep fighting, never never give up.

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We had a gorgeous day in Michigan. I am sorry about your friend, I am sure talking to you helped a lot. It is so scary in the beginning. I remember one of John's co-workers came and talked to him for a long time after his diagnosis and it meant a lot.

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