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last stages of mesothelioma...


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...what to expect? My mom is coming up on her year from being diagnosed. She has completed her Alimta/Cisplain treatments and an additional three treatments of Alimta. Her tumor has not spread much and is still confined to the chest cavity with a few roots into the lower lobe of the lung. She is having severe chest pain, which she was hospitalized for last week, and was put on oxygen. We just wonder if the pain is normal or if these are signs of her lung not being able to expand and the last stages?? Any info is so appreciated. I know there aren't many who are battling this disease but to those battling any type of cancer, my thoughts and prayers are with you! Keep fighting and live like you've never been diagnosed! There is always hope and miracles happen every day!

Take care, Lisa

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It could very well be the cancer taking over. Cancer in most cases can be very painful. And yet, there are some who have very little pain. I don't think anyone knows what to expect or what to look for because everyone is sooooo different during the ending stages. I've went through this with my father, mother sister uncle and many many friends, and no two were the same. It's very painful to go through. It even brings that pain back to me when people ask this question. I understand however wanting to know.

The only thing I would suggest is keep her as comfortable as possible. What ever it takes.

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Thank you for your response. I know it is difficult to know what to expect in the last stages. I have gotten some responses from mesothelioma patients at

http://www.mesothelioma-care-community. ... oard=share

I hope this site is helpful to anyone suffering from this disease. It is difficult to find support as there aren't many dealing with this disease.

I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers and hope that there are better days ahead for all of you! Never lose hope and know that miracles happen every day! Take care, Lisa

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It's turely the same as other lung cancer. Your not going to find many differences in late stage when it come to any or all of the lung cancer types. Some suffer terribly whereas some don't. Some go fast, and some linger. Some go into a coma, and some don't. Some have the pain from hell and some don't.

Now way to tell you what to expect. Just take it one minute at a time. Everyone is so different in this journey anyway.

Best wishes,

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