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For Newly Diagnosed Small Cell


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I wanted to post this for newly diagnosed Small Cell patients and family coming to this site for hope.

My Mom was DX Sept/06 With Ext Small cell to liver/adrenal and 10cm mass in lung that was wrapped around her aorta. We thought we might lose her in those first couple weeks of diagnose-that's how bad of shape she was in. It's been a tough year for her and our family but I am happy to say she is still here and going strong. She had a recurrence in July in her liver and is getting concurrent radiation - we are praying that will keep her stable for now.

When I came to this site last year with the grim prognosis of Small Cell I never thought she would make it one year much less be pretty much stable besides her liver. I want to be able to give others with Small Cell hope that this is not a death sentence. No one knows when it's your time and no one knows how you are going to react to chemo/radiation. It might be a long road ahead but my Mom's thinking is that @ least she is here for it.

Good luck to all of you.


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I second that Dar.

My husband, Bill was diagnosed with LD-SCLC in April 06. He went through chemo and radiation with many side effects but he made it through the first year. He has since had PCI. His cancer came back in his bones and lymph nodes. He has had more chemo and radiation and he's living his life pretty well except for some fatigue.

Dar, you are absolutely right. In the beginning it does seem like a death sentence but your Mom and my husband are prime examples of how one can live with cancer.

God bless you all.

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I would like to share another story of hope. Alan was

DX Jan 10 2005 with ext SCLC. Had mets to the brain

July 2005 reccurrance Jan 2007 and is still going

strong 2.5 years after DX :P:P The road has been

long and tough at times, but for now it appears to

be somewhat straight, I wouldn't call it smooth, but

the bumps have been a little less.

We have found our new "normal" and enjoy the moments

we have been given.

Prayers to all of us who are going down this road.

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Like Katie said there are some of us that do beat the odds.

There is always hope!!!! I was diag in Feb 2001 and not to say it has not been all a bed of roses but I am here and this is a great site to remind us there are survivors and also a place to go and vent if we need.


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