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Should I approve 8mm lung nodules to be biopsied


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I am a 4 year breast cancer survivor new to this site. You all are such a wonderful encouragement to me. Please give me your advise on performing biopsies on both lungs for 8mm nodules. Oncologists has done scan every 3 months with slight internal nodule mass changes showing on last scan. He suggested waiting and doing another scan in November. regular oncologist out of the office and due to cough and pain around rib section sent me to a pulmonary specialist who wants to biopsy both lungs. He cannot confirm he will be able to biopsy the exact nods are they are so small, but will try. He also states due to the small size he may not be able to get an accurate reading. I canceled the biopsy and have decided to wait under the next scan when my doctor gets back in town. What do you all think? :roll:

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I don't know if ANY of us can tell you what is what OR what you should do. It SEEMS that mm nodules are USUALLY too small to do anything about. My own DH has watched nodules for a couple of years now. BUT I would NEVER advise you what to do. Seems like you could get another opinion from another reputable facilty.

I sure hope it is nothing to worry about. Keep us posted as to what you decide and any outcomes of procedures done. In the meantime, let me just offer you a heartfelt WELCOME to LCSC.


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You could ask the Dr why he wants the biospy?

On the CT scan he can see characteristics that will more likely be seen on a malignant nodule.

Are the edges regular or smooth? Is it spiculated, etc. I don't know all the things a radiologist would look at but I think they can give a percentage chance of cancer based on different measurements and the look of it

8mm is pretty close to 1cm so it is not too tiny.

I am not sure if a PET would show anything that is smaller than a cm but it might be worth asking.

Can he give you a percentage of getting a conclusive biopsy?

Good luck

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I feel first you should have a pet scan to see what the uptake is.

That seems rather small to biospy, usually they wait until it is a centimeter.

That is the opinion on what my husbands doctors feel.

Keep us posted.


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I am SO GLAD to hear there was no major changes!! :D Stable is good! Is the depression related to the nodule ordeal, or were you dealing with it prior? I ask because I think that has been one of the major hurdles I have had to deal with in my own "watch". The anxiety/fear, etc. can be overwhelming at times. I'm glad you are seeing your doc...hopefully you will soon be feeling much better and able to enjoy your holidays!

((BIG HUGS)) Hang in there!!

Yours in HOPE!


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