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UPdate on FLYERS


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Hi folks,

Several of you know that many many months ago I created a "pamphlet" type brochure on LC. I snail-mailed these to alot of you and then all of this was put on the back-burner for a while due to expenses, then medical issues of my dad's -and then his death in Sept.

Well this has been brought up and so many of you want a copy of this and have asked me to put it in a PDF file to mass e-mail all who want a copy!! This way you can make copies of your own and distribute to your own healthcare facilities, etc... to spread awareness about LC and to let folks out there know that they are NOT alone!! We are almost 700 strong!

In getting these prepared tonight to be imaged, I realized that my software is a publishing software that enabled me to design a double insert brochure (double-sided printing) , so here is what I have to do since it is unlikely you will have this software and- PDF image is the easiest way to go on this.

I am sending three pages. The first two pages are of the "brochure". If you decide this is best for your needs, when you print it out, put one sheet inside the other and then FOLD it "book-style". This is impressive if you have the time and money to mass produce this.

The third page is a single page FLYER. This is the easiest and most cost effective in terms of printing and distributing.

I also eliminated all color from these pages, made the text black and white and therefore easy on your printers.

Hope you understood what I was trying to say. If not, then e-mail me. Anyone else interested in these materials, send me your e-mail address and I will e-mail it to you.

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The "Pamplet" is a two-page document. You inset them and fold it in-half book-style. The "Flyer" is a one page LC info / help guide that summarizes what the pamplet/brochure says. Both giving general LC info and directing folks here to us.



Also** Please e-mail me for the pdf. file until we get a link added on the website. (paralegalkb@yahoo.com)

This thread is getting pretty long and I don't want to do anything that might bog down the site and I definitely don't want to overlook any one who might want a copy!!!.

Bless you :wink:

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