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Help with post op lung surgery


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Early Feb.2007 got pain in right shoulder. As doing a big spring clean prior to 8 weeks round the world trip, thought I had pulled muscle. Had big trip with over the counter increasing in dosage need as the weeks went on. Two weeks after getting home visited the doc. Luckily for me she was right onto it and sent me for an x-ray. Rang me that afternoon and had booked me in for cat scan next day. End result Pancoast Tumour in right lung. By end of May saw Oncol., had loads of tests and was down for radiation and chemo. By Sept. 17th 2007 booked in and had lobectomy surgery. Removed 2 ribs, end result at this stage tumour 1/2 size and apart from little bit most cancer had gone. Stayed in 7 days. Now I am into just 3 weeks after surgery and I am still feeling a lot of pain in right shoulder from neck down into scapula, as well as right front rib cage, breast and under right arm. Can anybody help if they have gone through this, is this pain normal. It is very debilitating as if I try to do anything too much I end up hitting the floor (passing out) or vomiting. As I am only 58 I expected that I would improve a lot quicker. Am I expecting too much???


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Welcome Jackie!!!

I also had a pancoast tumor. The good news is that I was dx just over 3 years ago and had my RUL removed in January '05. I've had good scans ever since!!!! I guess the 'bad' news would be that I still suffer pain from the surgery. BUT you are only 3 weeks out from surgery. I wouldn't get all fussed up ~ really. Of course you need something to help with that type of pain. I had some, but not enough to have me passing out!!!!! All I used was motrin many times a day.

I guess I would suggest you talk to you docs and see what recommendation they have to get this under control. It seems it just shouldn't be THAT bad for you.

I hope you can get a Profile filled out. That's what you see under all our names. At the top of this page you will see My Profile. Just click and fill it out. There have been several pancoast tumors who've joined the board lately. Since it is such a small subset of LC ~ I find that interesting. I almost said 'exciting' ~ but there is nothing exciting about LC :? .

I just want to give you a big welcome and hope the next time you come by you have that pain under control.


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Hi Jackie. I have had 2 such surgeries and never had that much post op pain. My anesthesiologist told me that if I had an epidural after surgery it would limit my post op pain as well as immediate pain from the surgery and so I had an epidural both times. Did you have an epidural? If you did not, that could be a possible reason for your post op pain. Still, passing out and nausea seems a bit too much even without an epidural. I would ask the docs about it.

Don M

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Hi Jackie. Welcome. As you can see below in my profile, I too had a Pancoast tumor. I also started with chemoa and radiation, then surgery and more chemo after.

I had an Epidural and was really in a lot of pain. The Epidural had fallen out! No wonder. As I sit here thinking about it and typing I am aware of a discomfort over my right scapula. Not anything like those first days. A lot of time I forget about it. I survived and it is nearly 10 years and still friends with NED.

Keep us posted.

Donna G

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