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Getting to Know You - October 12


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I'm gonna have to say my dad. Here's an example:

While we're on the phone the other day he mentions that he doesn't have a cell phone. Shocked, I explain to him that it's really important to have in case of an emergency. "In case of an emergency, I have guns", he replies.

"Dad", I say, "I gun cannot get you out of every emergency."

"Oh yeah? Give me an example."

"I don't know", I reply. "What if your vehicle veers off the road, into a deep ravine? How is a gun gonna help you?"

He instantly replies, "I'll just fire into the air until someone comes to see what all the shooting is about." He laughed, though he is quite serious.

Yep. Scary but true. That's my dad for ya. :roll:

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I'm not going near this one either. I will say that myka's post made me laugh out loud. Sounds exactly like something my grandfather would say. He's not wierd, but he has done some crazy stuff. If i asked pap what he would do if his car ran off the road into a ditch, he'd say the same thing I did when I ran myself over with the truck (don't ask, it's true) crawl back in it and drive home. Or what about that time I broke my leg when I wrecked the moped. I just got back on that and drove home too. He's 81, and this isn't stuff that happened when he was 20, these things happened within the last 10 years. Gotta love this stuff.

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Nyka's post made me laugh too. I have to agree with her Dad! He has all the bases covered!

My "next to the eldest" sister would have to be my choice.

To make a long story short, the girl has an IQ that is off the charts. She's totally brilliant, and could have been anything she wanted to be.

She's had some emotional issues her entire life though, and the thing that's so frustrating, is there is help available, and she won't admit she has a problem. (It's "everyone else's fault"!) :?

She never takes responsibility for her actions, and believe me, she's done some horrific things.(For instance, stealing my Mom's SS number, and opening charge accounts..... to the tune of over $50,000 worth of "debt") :(

There are little pills out there available, that would help her be more "normal", but instead, she's just sinking lower and lower. It's sad, really, but also maddening.

What a wasted life.

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