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Going on 7 months....


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It has almost been 7 months since my dad's passing and I still hurt everyday. Some days are better than others. I am having a hard time remembering my dad before he was sick. He was only sick for 13 months, and yet him being and looking sick is what I remember. I hope soon, I start remembering what he was like before. Grieving sucks, but I dont' want to stop because if I stop then somehow it makes me feel like I'm moving on without him.

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I have a friend who has the same problem with her husband who she lost just over a year ago. What she's doing is going back through all of their old family pictures and making nice memory books. She said it's really helping her to remember him while healthy and also to focus on some lovely memories rather than the illness. Perhaps something like that might help what you see in your mind when you think of your dad.


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