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A "Praise Report", of sorts


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Last week I was all bananas because I was sure I'd flunk the entry exam for the CNA class, but I managed to get thru it . (A miracle in itself!)

After getting past that hurdle, I found out that the school no longer has a Grant program .

The woman said it was the first time in 20 years that they haven't had all sorts of funding available. (State Budget cuts, I suppose).

So there I was, all happy about passing that retarded Math test, :?:roll: and suddenly I found out that unless I could pay X-amount of hundreds of dollars, I couldn't go anyway! :oops:

I stumbled across an organization that sometimes pays for women to go back to school, who have been out of the work force for a while, so I filled out the application, and was notified today,that I got the grant!

God is Good, and I'm so thankful!

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Thank you for sharing in my happiness with me!

The last 9 months have sure provided a lot of stumbling blocks for us.

I was so naive.... :(

Before Harry's diagnosis, I just took for granted that I would be able to continue to stay home, raise my last child, live in the lap of luxury, (not that we've ever had an over-abundance of $$$, but we had "enough"!),etc.

What a rude awakening! :wink::shock:

My faith disappeared for quite some time, although I'm ashamed to admit that. (It's always so easy to have faith when everything is going well! LOL!)

Just when you think you know what lies ahead in the future, you get knocked right on your tushy!!! :D

It's working out though, little by little, and I know it's thru the Lord, because faithless, wimpy "me", has been good for nothing lately!! :lol:

Thanks you guys! I appreciate you all.

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