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Getting to Know You - October 15


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Yep...I would and I have. But, I have to say that there was a recent "situation" that I chose not to involve myself with. One of our former employees showed up in a total rage and after dragging my boss out of his truck, he began beating him to a pulp. I thought he was going to kill him, so (like a nut) I got between them, thinking the guy might listen to a voice of reason. But, I was wrong. He took a swing at my boss and hit me in the process. When the sops came, I decided not to press charges, as this guy is really looney and I didn't want to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life. The guy was arrested and served time for the damage to my boss, so I guess justice was served.

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There was a time where I probably would have looked the other way. But anymore, I would absolutely do it. Too many people running around doing crazy stuff thinking no one will do anything about it. Consequences are what make people think twice, if there are none, no one thinks.

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I would testify, if there were no other key witnesses. We were driving on the interstate and a car ahead of us, skid over 3 lanes hit a HUGE GMC P/U then the guard rail. The driver of the P?U didnt see it comming it was so fast. I am greatful we were there to reasure him , there was nothing he could have done to aviod the accident. The so not guilty driver of the truck was so shaken, he needed to know there was nothing he could have done. Mary

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