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Responding well to treatment, some questions...


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After three weeks of treatment so far - Alimta + cisplatin and radiation for one week, then two weeks of radiation only - Mom's x-ray shows that she is responding well - the tumour is shrinking already, and the Dr. said that the whole x-ray was clearer and easier to read because of it. (I don't have more details, because Mom doesn't want to see the x-rays. I would never, ever question a decision like this to her, but my researchy mind really wants all of the details, especially now that there have been some good results.)

Anyhow, we had a little toast "to continued tumour shrinkage" to celebrate, and I certainly don't question the value of positive thinking, but I'm really curious to know if this is an unusually good result? Or is it pretty typical? Either way, it's good news, I'm soft of just trying to figure out how good, if that makes any sense.

Any thoughts?

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That's great news!


ps--btw, my mom refused to believe she even had a tumor in her lung until her radiologist took her into his office and pulled up her CT scan on his computer. She called me that evening and said "I don't know if I should have seen that." In the long run I think it helped her to have to move out of the denial stage, but it was a jolt (one in a long line of many, many jolts).

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