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Update on husband, Jack


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Hoot and Holler....

Jack had his last radiation treatment of the 35 this morning. The radiation oncologist said that he is getting wonderful results from the radiation - but we won't know the final result until we do a scan in 4-5 weeks. He has an appt. with the radiation oncologist on November 7 at 9:30 a.m. A CT scan will be scheduled for several weeks after this appt. His medical oncologist doesn't want to see him again until after Christmas unless there is a problem.

We will head to the beach on Saturday for a few days of well deserved r & r. There is just something about being at the ocean that restores my soul!! Some fresh seafood doesn't hurt either!!

Everyone keep prayers going up that that tumor is dead or blasted to smitherines!!!!!

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Good for you and Jack, Shirley. I'm happy all is done and that the doc thinks all is well too! Now have an enjoyable time at the beach. I LOVE the beach as well! You are so right about restoring the soul. What one do you go to? Can't wait for even MORE good news the beginning of November and then after the holidays. You got me smilin' this morning!


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We go to Panama City Beach, FL which is on the northern gulf in the Panhandle. It is beautiful! Our condo has a screened porch across entire back overlooking the beach. It is about a 6 hour drive for us. They have the most gorgeous sunsets you can imagine.

On another note - my uncle (my Dad's baby brother) died last night with NSCLC. He found out 3 wks. ago that he had stage 4 from severe back pain. It had spread to his bones, spine, hips, ribs, etc. They tried radiation on the spine to help with the pain but he never got any relief - just kept getting worse. His funeral will probably be on Friday and we leave for the beach on Saturday. He leaves behind a wife and two sons and his grandchildren. Please remember them in your prayers.

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