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neulastra shot side effects?


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Hi~ I hope you can update your profile as it is very close to mine. Neulasta is a pill, I had neupogen shots, but I was feeling so chitty when I got'em I could not compare. They did the trick. It's a jump start for your WBC's. Hope the punkiness went away and you back at the creek. Mary

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Probably so! I haven't had radiation, but did have a Neulasta injection the day after each of my 6 Taxol/Carbo/Avastin infusions. Fatigue would start that same evening, then the next 2 or 3 days muscle/joint/bone aches would be added to the mix. At the same time, the steroid given with the IV premeds the previous day would be wearing off, so there was a combination effect. But I think most of it was due to the Neulasta.



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Mom hated her Neulasta shots worse than the chemo. She spent two days tired and her bones and joints hurt badly. She would get the treatment on Friday and be miserable Sat and Sun, but start to feel better on Monday. So her misery was short lived as far as the Neulasta went and her white count has been excellent through her treatment.


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My husband had the Neulasta shots and the same reactions as Ned.

He got a shot the day after each chemo and had bad reactions each time. Only when they waited until the 2nd day after it was much better.

He hated that shot.... but it is necessary to keep the counts up.

Yes, it probably was the shot.


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Thanks to all of you for your input on the Neulasta shot side effects.

I finally took some Tylenol & it relieved it somewhat.

I still am not anywhere near where I was before the treatments energy wise but hopefully by the time the surgery is done (scheduled for Nov. 6) I'll have built up some strength & stamina.

Mary.....I will update my profile as soon as I can sit at the computer long enough to get everything entered. The days are going by so fast & I am so slow at getting household chores done that there is no extra time for fun things.

Thanks again.....Connie

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