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pet & cat confuse


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:? I had today the results of the PET & CAT, and really confuse me.

the CEA is 0.6

PET IMPRESSION: Not evidence of residual or recurrent disease by PET crteria & now lets go to the CAT IMPRESSION Increasedprominence/size of small right sided lung nodules, suspicious for disease progression. 1 is 4mm & the other 3mm plus scaterd nodules slighter larger.





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Bucky~ Your "history" dictates, the radiologist reading your scans, define every piece of lint and dust.You had some heavy Tx and the scans are showing it. How did you get the results w/out the Dr. explanation? Take a deep breath, were sending prayers and hugs to you, write back soon with the news. Any more questions, were all still here. Mary

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Bucky, Do not beat yourself up. THis may not be good news. I emphasize May because I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination and I have never stayed at a holiday inn express. Pet scans can "Lite up" for other reasons and give false positives. THe CT scan does not "Sound" good. You are very early in diagnosis though, and that is good. It means there are more options for you, available.

I was at work the other day and I work qiet and I think a lot. YOu popped into my head like so many here do at strange times. I want you to know that I was thinking about how inspirational you have been since you have been with us. You truly have been BEATING CANCER Traveling abroad adn going to the YMCA and taking care of your Family. You have been living your life in spite of all this disease can toss at you. PLEASE DO NOT STOP DOING THAT!!!!!!!!!! Do not let the cancer win.

Prayers for a good informative Doctors visit on Wednesday. Keep us posted and remember what I have said here.

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One more time you are here for me when I need all of you !!!!! Mary xanax is my best friend. I get the results before the Dc. (Don toght me that) so I can ask more questions when I see him.

Randy you are my inspiration, I drop my grandson in preschool on my way to the Y but I couden't stop crying. I AM A WRECK TODAY. So no Y. I would like to go to sleep and wake up tomorrow in th Dr office. Plus need to fake infront of the kids, they have being in a lot of pain. Mary Colen how are you too are Doing???? Hope he can drive now

hugs & prayers


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Stop getting your reports in advance if you are going to get this anxiety-ridden! Honestly, you are doing yourself more harm than good. You would be better served to wait for your doctor visit and have your doctor explain the entire report in plain English, and you should come prepared for each follow-up visit after scans with the following question:

1. What does this mean? Disease progression or stable or no progression?

2. What are the options for treatment if there is progression?

3. What is the plan for follow up if the disease is stable or if there is no progression?

I won't venture a guess as to what those report conclusions mean, but I wish you well with your appointment.

Now go relax with a cup of camomile tea!


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Hey Bucky, your confused because your name is "BUCKY" NOT "Bucky MD"! Silly girl! I've been a lung cancer survivor for 12 years now and I have gotten about 4 of my reports before I saw my doctor about the results. I looked at them and said,

"WHAT THE????????" Then I went, I can't read this crap it's not written in English. :lol::lol: It all looked like Greek to me. Blah Blah Blah Lung, Blah Blah Blah nodule. So, I second what Suzie Q says on STOP READING THEM. They only add to your already off the top stress level. And until you add that very important "MD" at the back of your name, I suggest you NOT LOOK AT THEM until that day comes!

I can't tell you how many conversations we've had here on the board about this hoola of reading CT scans. That's what you pay the doctor all those BIG BUCKS FOR, so let him earn his money and you sit and take notes when he relays the report to you. And if he talks in GREEK you tell him your don't speak GREEK. OKAY??? Trying to read CT's and Reports is a NOOOO NOOOOO, just like reading STATS ARE!


Now, go have a cocktail or head over the PUB and see what Kasey is serving up tonight. K? K! I'll meet you for a highball if you want! :wink:

Before I forget, You DO know that NONE OF US knows HOW TO READ A CT SCAN Don't You???? Dr West is the man and the main man on that one.

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