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SSDI Questions

David A

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Hi everyone, I've decided to apply for ssdi as it looks like my being off a year from work is a true possiblity(working on 11 months), what would i put down as my disablity? The lung cancer is gone, severe dsypnea and fatique ,and asthma have replaced it. Thanks in advance David A

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My husband was approved for SSDI, we put down Lung Cancer. You have to fill out a loooooooooooong form which they then send to all the doctors that have been treating you. The criteria is that you have a 'condition' that will result in being unable to work for 12 months or it is terminal. You have to be out of work 5 months before you can collect. I have heard it is retroactive.

We are supposed to get first check by end of April retro to end of March.

Go for it.

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My husband's SSI paper said-you have to be disabled for 5 full calendar months before you can be entitled for benefits.

He became disabled Oct. 25, 2002 he will recieve his 1st check in May for April- I understand that we will not get retro pay.

His doctors said he was terminal and had lung cancer (I think).

As Ginny said the froms are long. However I talked to someone over the phone to give info(interview). He was very helpful. We only went to the office to give the forms.

Hope this helps.


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