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Unfortunatley....finally got the DX


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Yesterday dad finally got the result of his needle biopsy back, and it was positive. Non-small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma. He will be sent to John Hopkins for staging because that is where he wants treatment.

I must say that I have prepared myself for this dx because of the PET scan in Sept; however, my mother is a different story. She completely fell to pieces last night. I thought I would as well, but instead I just got mad as you know what and am ready to kick cancer in the a%&. Dad is doing good, said he is not ready to call it quits any time soon.

One prayer has already been answered for me, and that was for God to lead us to the doctor that could do the most to help us. Dr. M. is that man. After I unloaded on him last week about how the oncologist had treated dad, by telling him inoperable, to advanced, 15% chance, etc, Dr. M. got the ball rolling for us. He will be calling today with the appoinment date for Hopkins. He is also very hopeful that it has been caught early enough to still be operable since it is all still contained to the right lung. We may get the door of hope shut in our face at Hopkins, but at least he is giving us a chance.

This roller coaster ride called cancer sure stinks, and I am not sure how I will face each day, but life didn't give my family an option. Please continue to hold us in your prayers as we do all of you.


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Hi Teresa--

I am so sorry to hear the news about your dad. It is truly a roller coaster ride and everyone handles the news differently. It's okay.

Go easy on yourself (and your mom) in the coming days. You may find that your emotions swing wildy....one momentyou are in the fight and the next you are falling apart. It's okay and it's all normal.

Sounds like you have found a great onc. and you are on your way to finding the right treatment plan.

Sending you strength,


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