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More Bad News Mom Sent Home To die


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Hello All, Earlier this month my mom spent 10 days in the hospital for a collasped lung. They thought she may have also had pnemonia, but it turns out that she didn't. A stint was put in to hold the right lung open. The left lung is closed. They could not put a stint in that lung. After only 2 days the doctors were remarking that it did not do what they had hoped. I pointed out that it had only been 2 days and that I noticed a huge change in her breathing.

They continued to pump her full of morphine which made her see thing on the walls that were not there. Another dr. was called in and she said that my mom was being given twice as much morphine as the day before. It was while she was in this drug induced state that she stated saying that she wanted to die and even called for a Priest.

Her Dr.s insisted on Hospice even though I told them that what they were seeing was just her reaction to the drugs. They weren't hearing any of it. They contacted her Onc. and told him that she was to stop Chemo and start Hospice. We had an appointment for radiation and that was cancelled because it was in there computer that she is doing Hospice. I am so angry at this hospital! I have made an appoinment for my mom to be seen Friday and another local Cancer Center.

Right now she spends a lot of time in bed. She can barly walk because of the Taxol that she was on. She still can't feel the ground. She has lost control of her bodily functions, but sometimes can feel like she has to go and makes it to the bathroom in time.

She says she isn't hungry in one breath and then asks for an apple turnover or toast and peanut butter. She is still so weak and frail. That is the main reason why chemo was stopped. Her dr. thoght it was doing more harm than good. There had been a lot of tumor shrinkage after round 1 and round 2, but it statred growing again after round 3 and round 4. She was suspose to have had round 5 last week. Radiation was suggested for symtem relif, but not a for a cure. Right now I don't know where to put my brain. On one hand I still believe that she can beat it, but then again.... Thank you for listening to me. I really appreciate it.

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the news sux. Your Mom is lucky to have you. Respect your Mom for the woman she is. Hospice is a word as powerful as the word cancer itself. They are a symptom managment team, their sole purpose is to work for you and your Mom, it's a family approach. They treat the whole situation day to day. When your Mom's symptoms are relieved and she is able to return to Tx, that is your option, you just thank them and they leave~ In the mean time, sending prayers and hugs your way. Mary

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II guess I would be a little unsettled too if the hospital went against my wishes as a patient or a caregiver if I knew for sure that the person I cared for wanted to keep on with treatment. One thing to consider is that your mom may regain her strength in hospice and be able to resume treatment. I hear that happens more often these days. In any event, you all have my prayers.

don M

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