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stable -maybe some shrinkage

Don M

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My tumor is behaving itself. It is at least stable and may have small shrinkage. I thought I might have to start tarceva but we will hold off on that unless there is a clear progression. I was a little spaced out at the consultation because I have not been seeping well due to the prednisone. I got some Ambien for the insomnia. It took a while for the good news to sink in, but then I got it and soon felt elated. The Ambien is supposed to provide me with a full nights sleep. I will like that. Gee, maybe I should get a job.

Don M

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HOORAAY DON!! Shrinkage and Stable! I'll bet you thought SS stood for Sexy and Sassy! :P:lol: Yep, that's you too! :wink: But in your case Shrinkage and Stable is AWESOME!

I take ambien for sleeping too, and it works like a charm. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ are much more important then a JOB! nighty night!

Congratulations on the WONERFUL NEWS!

I'm going to do Betty's Happy Dance for you!

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