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Help. What About Diet?


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As we all do, I want to do everything I can to NOT "nourish" the cancer cells that grow within me.

I'm sure there are foods I should avoid, and foods and supplements that I should consume.

What is the best diet for a lung cancer victum?

Can anyone help with this? I can't seem to find any credible research, and lately I've had a sinful craving for cake!!! lol


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Peachy, First of all you are a "SURVIVOR" not a victim ;) . Try and pickup the book by Patrick Quillin titled "beating cancer with Nutrition" It's excellent.....You might be able to find it on Amazon "used" for a good bargain.

http://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/ ... 43-9743367

There are lots of old posts on diet in the alternative forum if you do a search.


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I agree with Joe that your NOT a Victim. I'm a 12 years SURVIVOR AND PROUD OF IT!

Eat balanced meals. Meat, fruit, veggies. Eat small meals or fruit & veggies, at a time and eat about 4 or 5 times a day. I've always eaten lots of veggies and fruits and I still do. But, during your treatments don't push yourself into something that may not benefit you. And ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR ONC DOC before starting any new alternative methods. Sometimes FOOD really IS our Friend!

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Hi Peachy,

I have become somewhat obsessed with nutrition since my mom's diagnosis. There is a lot of information out there, that's for sure. My mom has incorporated a 90% plant-based diet. She avoids white flour products and sugar and only eats a little meat. I really believe that good nutrition can compliment traditional treatments.

When my mom was diagnosed in June she'd lost about 10 pounds, and by the time WBR was finished in mid-August she was down another 5 pounds. Now that she is in the middle of her chemotherapy she's gained back 8 pounds! She's eating a very healthy diet and still gaining weight. She also is feeling pretty well, considering she's in the middle of chemo.

Good luck to you!

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I am an organic freak....I try to buy all organics and stay away from processed foods. I have just been reading a book lately called the "Maker's diet" that is actually a biblically based diet book. Very interesting read!!

I try to eat healthy, nutritious foods but sometimes I do slip up. But, I always try to go back to eating the best choices. Every one has a different take on whats best...but I think it should be individualized. Ex. I LOVE sweet things..however I have read that sugar is bad for you.. Whether it's true or not.. I try to eat things that make me feel good...I listen to my body. When I eat chocolate cake I feely yucky but when I eat dark chocolate I don't get the same effect.

Alot of carbs drag me down (call them comfort foods)

My personal opinion: Eat to Live not live to eat. Listen to your body..what is it telling you about your foods. Certainly, if you are undernourished due to treatment eat, eat and eat some more...

You may wat to talk with the nutritionist at your clinic or your town. I have found that my nutritionist has been very helpful in keeping me focused on good eating habits. She can also give you an unbiased opinion on any diet or food books out there..

Hope this helps!!

God Bless!!


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