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Getting to Know You - October 17


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As a child no dice for me,

we lived so far from everybody

that 6.00pm was time for bath

and bed.........that was years

ago, no TV and only prayers on

the radio....till the kids were

in bed.

Later the fun started for

my mother, by that time we lived

in town and she had all the kids

on the street doing litle errands

for her after school, posting a

letter taking a written note to

a neighbor (no phone in that time

or TV) delivering cookies to a sick

kid, name it she had done it.

Come trick-or-treat it took her a

week to get ready, with a special

bag for each of her team.

Big treat ''Oh Henry'' and''Sweet Mary''

chocolate bars, no chips in those days

but plenty of ''Craker Jack''

That was right after 1939/45 war and

not much fun for children that had lost

their father, she had lost a son, so she

just jump in to make a memorable day

for those kids.

Ann, no more questions that will open

a flood gate of souvenirs for me,

I sound as an Alien from another planet

and start looking like one also.


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