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stress is a funny word


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Stress: Forces from the outside world impinging on the individual. Stress is a normal part of life that can help us learn and grow. Conversely, stress can cause us significant problems.

Stress gives me a headache.

Bill had his second cataract surgery today. He did ok but had some pain during the procedure, (OUCH) I can't even imagine, don't even want to. So tonight he wears the patch, which is uncomfortable, until we go to the Dr office in the morning and sit with the 10 other patients he did today and told to be in the office at 10 am. Of course, whoever gets there first, gets in first, I think. Anyway, it's a most of the day in the dr office day.

I got THE call from my brother today. His wife, my sister-in-law with lung cancer is at the end. He said that Hospice told him to call the family. She has been put on an anti-anxiety med and the morphine pump. She has been in such horrible pain for so long and fighting all the way. She's been saying lately how hard IT is. She is finally letting go. She has been so brave and so has my brother. It's heartbreaking.

And to top that off Bill is having an MRI of the brain tomorrow. No symptoms, it's just that he hasn't had one since last January. He also has a PET and CT's scheduled for next Thursday.

I can't/won't leave Bill with all that's happening here to go to my brother in Wisconsin. I know he understands. Who better to understand leaving a loved one with cancer than him who's wife is dying of cancer.

WOW.......I'm stressed, but I'm really doing good.

Made a pot roast dinner tonight to die for and Bill gobbled it up. He's been losing weight lately (about 10 lbs since August) and whenever I can get something into him that he likes, that's a good thing.

Really didn't want to get into all of this like I did, but it's so hard to talk on the phone with family when it's so quiet here in the house. Bill hates it when I tell anyone about what is going on with him. YIKES!!! I know I sound crazy, but I actually feel better now that I've told all of this.

I know there are some of you out there that really understand.

Blessings to all my LCSC friends. I don't know what I'd do without YOU ALL.

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Wow, Laurie, did I miss osmething about your brother and sister in law???? If so,I am so sorry I did. What a plateful you have, dear. And on top of all that you PASSED your test! Just come here whenever and let it fly. Gosh I wish I were closer. Those I am close enough to help don't seem to need it.....at least they don't ask for it. And I am READY to give it!

I'm thinging of you, Laurie, and rooting for you and Bill.


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Geez, I knew that!!!! I think YOU are the best! Hope all starts going in the right direction, Laurie. For me, I oing to give my brain a break. Ya think I didn't know nothin'!!!!! Sorry 'bout that. I think it's because for the FIRST time since I was dx over 3 years ago, I am ALONE! And I so miss that wonderful guy who takes such good care of me. And jsut to make me feel either better or worse, did we know about your brother and SIL?


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So many questions. Sorry. First, Laurie, I'm sorry to hear about your S-I-L. I didn't realize she also had lung cancer. You must be totally stressed out. I was so scared about having that surgery that I had general anesthesia 15 years ago. Both eyes, almost a year apart. I admire Bill for being so brave. Had a lot of complications afterwards, but everything is fine. Hope he's happy with his results, too.

Kasey, sorry to hear you're all alone. So am I for a couple days. Hubby is out of town on a business trip. I feel safe tho. cuz I have 2 loud dogs. Your Teddy should provide good protection, too.


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I'm so sorry to hear about your sister-in-law. That must also be hard for Bill to hear. I also understand him not wanting to listen to you talking on the phone about him. That was always weird here too. I would be the same, I think.

We DO understand. And scan time is SO stressful. Try to relax.

The pot roast dinner. Awesome! I know the joy of seeing your loved one enjoy their dinner, particularly after a weight loss. Savor that moment!

The eye surgery -- I can't even imagine. He's brave and I hope that sorts the problem out.

Thinking of you...


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Laurie, I had no idea about your sister in law. Did you ever post it? I must have missed it. But I am very sorry to hear she's losing her fight and cannot imagine what this must be doing to you.

Yes, it is very hard to talk on the phone. That one I understand completely. Same situation over here.

Stress is a strange thing. Even though we know we're being stretched every which way, we somehow go on auto pilot and cope. People on the outside always get it wrong. They think we're 'calm, strong etc, etc) but the fact of the matter is we're screaming inside and just want the stress to go away. Kinda like a duck. Nice and serene on the surface and paddling like hell underneath. I would just like this awful fatigue to ease up, just for a little while. That would be great.

Well congratulations on your pot roast and I'm glad Bill enjoyed it in spite of all that is on your minds right now.

Best wishes for successful outcomes of all Bill's upcoming tests. I hope it goes very well for you both.

God Bless


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I understand you, perfectly. :(

I'm glad Bill got his other eye fixed up, although I hate it that he was in pain during the procedure.

I'm way behind on all of the news here, having just got back from Illinois this afternoon, but I've been thinking about you, and wondering how you were doing.

I'm so sorry for your brother.

Too much sadness.

Take care of yourself, buddy.




When will you get the results from Bill's MRI?

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