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Dick Update

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Well, it's looking quite bad here. Dick has been in icu on a ventalator for almost three weeks with very little improvement. They are now giving him a 10% chance of surviving. This has been an awful period. His lungs just can't kick in and there are lots of complications from the ventalator. Prayers needed. Sorry to be posting such bad news.

Aloha, Cheryl

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I'm praying for Dick too. I know what it is like being in the hospital for so long and worrying and wondering what is going to happen. 10% is a huge chance- how?- It's NOT "0" !! , and Dick could still surprise us all now, couldn't he? Wish I were closer so that I could help you.

Just know that so many of us are pulling for you and Dick. Hang in there and keep doing what you are doing. Dick must be so proud of you and thru your dedication we can see how lucky Dick is to have you by his side.

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