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Baby names


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Just found out we're having a boy. Having some difficulty with chosing a name, so I would appreciate some input from all of you...

I'm looking for something else besides the common ones like Matthew, John, James, Andrew.

I'll be reading your suggestions.

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I've always loved the name Zachary for a boy -- it was on our list but didn't really fit with our last name. We named our son Tyler Jaimes which sounded better with a 3 syllable last name.

I used baby name books for all my kids-- went through and highlighted all the ones I liked.

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Lots of great name ideas!! I won't add to the list, but will put in a suggestion:

Whatever name you're going to refer to your son, make it his FIRST name. My legal name is Mary Eleanor. I've always been called "Ellie" and I'm forever correcting people who refer to me as "Mary". My Brother's legal name is Gerald Frederick. He's called "Rick". What were our parents thinking? My sis lucked out and was actually called by her first name, Maura.

It just makes life easier on a person!!! Ellie/Mary/Eleanor/whatever

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My very uncommon son is commonly named Andrew. No nickname.

Sure is nice to have names that are easy to spell and come on the mass "personalized" items that can be purchased. Haven't seen "Moon Unit" on a coffee cup yet... Remember the kid has to tote the name around for life, explaining to people how to say it and how to spell it.

Calvin, August, Aloyissius, Clayton, Clive, Claude, Clyde, Derrick, Dirk, Fenton, Fennimore, Melvin/Melvyn, Marvin, Chadwick, Mervin, Walter, Wallace, Anton, Stanley, Stanton, Stuart, Kraus, Oliver, Vladimir, Bartholomew, Spencer, Tyrone, Randolf/Randolph, Rupert, Rodney, Rollin, Roman, Richard, Percival, Jedidiah, Logan, Jeremy, Oscar, Felix, Oswald, Chumbley, Etonkus, Atimere, Errol, Basil, Nigel....

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Congratulations! I LOVE babies!

When I named my eldset son Joshua, there were NO other Joshua's! Next thing I knew, it was extremely over-used! Same with my son Jacob, who also goes by Jake at times.

I like Nathan, Matthias, Caleb, "Lucas, Gabriel and Anthony". (3 of my grand sons names!)

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