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Well I'm still on the green side of the sod, walking through mud some days (thanks for that fatigue description TracyD) but all in all okay.

I've given up trying to find the pill that will get rid of the nausea, they either haven't worked at all or made me semi comatose and still nauseous when I was awake! I now just eat my way through the day, as long as I keep my stomach fairly full I do better.........problem is I can't get used to the idea that a SMALL snack will do and keep on eating FULL meals instead :oops: My increased tonnage is as annoying as my bald head but at least I'm waking up every day :lol:

Only two more tx and then it's on to radiation in the new year so hopefully the nausea will be over by Christmas and I can enjoy my food with no mouth sores or "enhanced" flavors...I'd forgotten how awful water tastes during chemo :shock:

Now, end of pity party, no more whining today......Kasey you can only wring your hands very briefly....onward and upward, I'm thinking of you all.

Take care


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I am glad to see you hanging in there Geri. Your post speaks to humor and I did not see too much pity stuff there. Soon you will be able to grow hair and shed tonnage.

"Well I'm still on the green side of the sod"...

that sounds kind of Irish. I think I will use that phrase the next time someone asks me how I am doing.

don m

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I am so glad to read your spirited post! I have missed you! Your positive attitude, and your spirit remind me to make it through each day with a smile! Blessings to you, and don't worry about the "tonnage" as Don would say that is just plain healthy!

Stay strong!


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Hi Geri,

Glad you posted. Just want you to know what an inspiration you are on here.

Knowing me and what a whimp I am I would be wallowing in pity.

You are my hero.

Miss you, heal and get well. I pray for that horrible neauseau to leave!!


PS. with all you are going through you still have the wonderful sense of humor.

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