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Gratitude - October 21st 2007


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Grateful for another beautiful day (Monday going to be in the eighties) here-- The Red Sox are playing (both teams had the best record in the major leagues this year) the Indians in game 7, winner goes to the World Serious, does not get any better then that. The (undefeated) Patriots are playing at Miami. Exciting day in New England sports.

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Grateful to have a full house and a good nites sleep finally!! Mocha sleeps until about 7 now instead of 430 am!! ANd my new roomie Mike. Actually my neighbors son. He rother son is moving in to the house with girls!! YEAHHHHHHH :P:):)

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I'm so grateful that my husband is on vacation in Illinois with our son, walking in the woods, (little walks, but still !!), and they're having fun sitting in a deer blind together. (They aren't getting anything, but that's okay too!)

When I think back about 2 weeks ago, and Harry could barely walk to our kitchen without almost passing out, and now he's hanging around out in the woods like he used to do before the "Big C", it makes me so thankful.

Even if it's just for a little while, it's wonderful.

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I'm grateful for the sun that's brightening my world today, and that my husband doesn't go back to VT until tomorrow.

I'm most grateful for my sister's arrival here next Thursday, she'll be here for 3 weeks and will be working with us at the walk and coming with me to chemo. She truly is a treasure, I think we'll keep her!


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