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OT footballs


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I was a little worried about the kid next door playing football in the street with some of his friends. He's around 19 or 20 and should know better. It was landing in my yard. Then I heard it hit my driveway and it sounded loud , just a few feet from my car. I was worried it would break my car window. I of course went outside and made a fuss and he smart mouthed me. I was about to call the police but after about 5 minutes they went inside.

I have to drive myself to the hospital Wednesday for my chemo treatment and cannot deal with broken windows. Does anyone know if a football can break a car window or am I worrying for nothing.

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Kasey thanks so much for your support. It was stressful. I hope he does learn a lesson but so far he has been a pain since they moved in 3 years ago.

You are right - stress does not help. I've pretty much calmed down but will continue to try to find an answer. Thanks again.

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