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Lobectomy Question


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Hello All.....

I have now been classed with NSCLC well-differentiated adenocarcinoma 111A. After finishing rad & chemo the CT scan showed a 54% shrinkage.

After many, many dicussions between my onc. doc., my rad. doc. & my cardiothoracic surgeon it was decided that I am a "candidate for surgery"......if I wanted it.

We (husband & I) discussed it & decided that doing "something" was better than doing "nothing" so I am scheduled for a lobectomy on Nov.6. They will take out my upper right lobe & some lymph nodes.

I need to go into hospital the day before to have an umbrella filter put in as I have DVT.

I would like to hear from anyone who has had this done. I don't feel afraid at this time but when hearing about what could go wrong I am a wee bit nervous. Onc. doc. tells me I could have 1. stroke, 2. pneumonia, 3. infection, 4. heart attack, and of course 5. the blood clotting situation . Then he also said that I could be in a car accident on the way home from his office & that these 5 things don't happen 98% of the time.

Daughter will be coming to help me out at home after surgery & I am wondering just how the whole thing will be coming down. I'm hoping that recovery from this won't be too incapaciting or take very long.

Any input from anyone who has had this done would sure be appreciated.

Thanks, Creekgirl

P.S. I am going to make it a point to update my profile. A lot has happened since I orginally posted it.

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First of all.....................I am thrilled to hear you are a candidate for surgery. It really could not get any better than that unless all of a sudden they couldn't find the cancer at all!!!!!! I had a right upper lobectomy with many lymph nodes taken. I'm not quite sure if you are asking about that OR if anyone also had DVT to deal with. But although lobectomy is not a mere walk in the park, it is a very doable thing. Recuperation varies from individual to individual ~ but overall we all do pretty darn good! Please try not to dwell on all the 'possibilities' that 'could' happen. I was told them all too......from everything going very well to the possibility of dying. They have to tell you all that. It's NOT going to happen!!!!

I don't want to go and on here. PM me if you want more detail. But for now, you are lucky and things should be looking up for you. Keep us all posted.


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Thanks for the input on the lobectomy.

My surgeon hasn't said anything about VATS to me. Could it be that it isn't a possibility or they don't have the technology to do it here?

I am just hoping that she (the surgeon) doesn't get confused between lobectomy & lobotomy...lol. Do you think I should put a post-it on myself just to remind her of why I am in the OR?

Not making light of the whole thing but if I didn't laugh I would cry. That's the only way I can get through this.


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You may have to go to a major comprehensive cancer center to find a thoracic surgeon who does vats. I don’t see any in South Carolina listed by NCI. There are several in North Carolina and Alabama. Here are some links:

http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_ ... uabcc.html

http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_ ... clccc.html

http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_ ... /dccc.html

http://cancercenters.cancer.gov/cancer_ ... wfccc.html

Going to a NCI designated facility is not necessarily the end all and be all for cancer treatment. I go to a cancer treatment center in Seattle, and it is not designated by NCI as a comprehensive treatment facility and I think it is an excellent facility. They do VATS there too. Looking for specialists at a NCI designated facility is a good way to start looking though.

Here is another link to check out. If you click on a picture of Dr. John DeRosimo at the bottom of the page, a short demo of VATS will be launched. He is at the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. Although this is not a NCI designated facility they are probably very good. The video shows a contact number for an appointment.

http://www.muschealth.com/video/Default ... ideoid=202

Don M

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