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The "Family Unit"


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I've learned something important ......

I've been alone for a few days.

Harry and Jacob stayed on vacation in Illinois a little longer then my Mom and I.

I've learned that my little family means the world to me. I've learned that being "alone", is not my "Thang"!

Isn't it something, how we take our loved ones for granted sometimes? I'm 100 % guilty of it.

Even with Harry being sick, I've never really grasped the idea of him not being here.

(I'm not just speaking of cancer though.... it could be anything ~ a car accident, or as my mom says; "getting run over by a bus"!, etc.)

I've learned that from now on, everyone I love, is going to KNOW how much I love them.

I'm rambling, but I wanted to share. Now go give whoever you love a BIG HUG!!!! :D As soon as "My Boys" get home tomorrow, it's the first thing I'm going to do!

Take care of yourselves,


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Yes I understand, because I miss

Mike so much and I know he will

never be back.

He was so intense in never taking

me for granted that each day we were

married (forty-three years) his last

words for the day were

''Thank you, Jackie for this day'',

could have been a good day a bad

day, any kind of day.

Even the day before his death, he

could not speak anymore and could

hardly see, he wrote the words for

me, I had them plastified to keep.

Nova, a big hug for your gang and

never forget or get back in a routine

of taking for granted what is yours

at the moment.



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Nova (and Jackie)...You are both so very right. Although Dennis and I always knew how much we loved each other, we sometimes forgot just how important that hug or "I Love You" could be. We were so busy "making" a life that we sometimes seemed to take our love for each other, and our life together, for granted. After Dennis was diagnosed, we tried so hard to fit an entire life time of "I Love You's" into 10 short months. I learned so much about love during that time and now always remember to tell my family and friends how much I love them...every time I see them.

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I can relate too. Particularly during the last few months with Bill, I so learned to just relish any time we spent together. Usually it was just sitting outside talking, or watching something on T.V. together. Seeing the humor within the horror was an awesome gift to us both. Before the diagnosis, I was always wanting to "do" things. After, I was quite content to just "be" together. Since he's been gone, I would give anything to just "be" together for one more minute. I also can remember some of those moments together where I knew I was receiving a gift as I was experiencing them. I'm grateful for those. I've also appreciated my family and friends and how short life is, and I've appreciated my canine companion who keeps our house feeling like a home.

I hear you Nova!

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