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Scan Day

Guest DaveG

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Today is scan day. I am scheduled to report at 8:30 to begin drinking that crappy fluid and am to be scanned, chest and abdomen, at 9:30 this morning.

I woke up, this morning, apprehensive and anxious. I don't particularily have any physical reason, no real aches or pains, to be concerned, but it is the unknown that concerns me (with the previous tumors, I had no pain associated with the tumors).

I have a 12:30 appointment with my oncologist and will get the scan results then. This is one thing I enjoy about going to the University of Wisconsin Comprehensive Cancer Center, as, with the exception of biopsies, I get results of x-rays, scans, and lab work, the same day.

So by late afternoon, I should be able to report the findings.

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