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A Dying Professor's Last Lecture


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As seen on Oprah Monday, October 22.

To view the lecture, click here: http://www2.oprah.com/videochannel/vide ... ategory=31

Excerpt from Oprah.com:

Randy Pausch is a married father of three, a very popular professor at Carnegie Mellon University—and he is dying. He is suffering from pancreatic cancer, which he says has returned after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Doctors say he has only a few months to live.

In September 2007, Randy gave a final lecture to his students at Carnegie Mellon that has since been downloaded more than a million times on the Internet. "There's an academic tradition called the 'Last Lecture.' Hypothetically, if you knew you were going to die and you had one last lecture, what would you say to your students?" Randy says. "Well, for me, there's an elephant in the room. And the elephant in the room, for me, it wasn't hypothetical."

Despite the lecture's wide popularity, Randy says he really only intended his words for his three small children. "I think it's great that so many people have benefited from this lecture, but the truth of the matter is that I didn't really even give it to the 400 people at Carnegie Mellon who came. I only wrote this lecture for three people, and when they're older, they'll watch it," he says.

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The "lady on Oprah" is Kris Carr, a 31-year-old actress/photographer (now a film-maker and author) diagnosed with a rare and incurable cancer in 2003.

Her documentary, "Crazy Sexy Cancer" will be rebroadcast as follows:

Discovery Health Channel

October 8th @ 8pm & 11pm

October 14th @ 12pm

TLC (The Learning Channel)

Wednesday, October 24 @ 8pm& 11pm


To check out Kris' website, follow this link http://www.crazysexycancer.com/

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i went to a book signing of kris carr's. she was even more fun to listen to in person. i recommend going to see her if anyone gets a chance. she really has a great attitude. she says she took a lot of flack for the title of her documentary, but i think it makes me smile when i hear it, so what's so wrong with that. i bought a copy of her book for me and for my sister, which i had her sign. i started reading it but haven't made much headway due to work/life getting in the way. i have a long layover on a trip to the beach with my sister, maybe i'll have a little time to read it then.

i loved listening to the CMU prof, his talk was phenomenal. i encouraged my sister to watch oprah yesterday but i haven't asked her if she caught it or not.

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