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My mom was diagnosed with NSCLC in August. She began radiation thereapy and two weeks later they found two spots on her brain. She has just completed 7 weeks of chemo(once /week) and radiation (five days/wk). Her last week included radisurgery on the brain tumors.

Her counts are low and she is getting shots to help with her energy. The doctors are going to do a scan in six weeks. I thought this would be a great time for her to rest, but she wants to go back to work. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

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i'm kinda new here, so take it for what it is worth. But I think that getting out, going to work, being productive, possibly helping to ease any financial worries, are all good things. so if she is up for it, why not?

my sister wants to go back to work as well, after about the same course of treatment. the rad onc said something about why go back and he'd sign whatever forms she needed from work. but i find that she is lonely at home when none of us are around and she misses work and interacting with folks there and dare i say it, feeling normal. so i'm encouraging it. i'll watch very closely and if i feel that it is causing any undue stress or weakening her at all, i'll probably step in and talk to her about the need to focus on the fight ahead. but right now, i think her going back to work is a good thing.

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I think if she feels up to it she should definately go back to work. For my mom anyway, it was a great source of support. She had a lot of good friends that she worked with and it also gave her something else to focus on. My mom worked all through her treatments. I think it made her feel good to know she could still do it. Again, I am speaking from my experience with my mom. Everyone is different. I don't know what kind of work your mom does or how she is feeling. I would encourage her though if she wants to do it and the doctor says it is ok.


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My husband has not missed any work yet and his onc said he encourages people to keep working if they feel like it. We were impressed thinking many doctors would offer to sign the papers to go on leave! Rod is happier working, but I also think it really tires him out. But he knows what his body can take and likes to know he's needed there.


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